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Stephanie Hamer is a British painter whose work can be recognised by its dark undertones and surrealist tropes. Often rooted in mythological narratives, Hamer entwines common settings with distorted figures to create otherworldly and often macabre images, centred on themes of oppression, death, and relationship dynamics. 


The artist has been a permanent resident at Burnt Sienna Art Studio since 2020. Throughout 2023 Hamer took part in three residencies:  Buinho (Portugal), Herhùsid, Gullkistan (Iceland) where she began her ongoing series ‘Father Knows Best’. She is a founding member of the artist collective C.U.Next.Tuesday. 


Born in 1991 in Manchester, United Kingdom, she studied Visual Arts at UCLan, in Lancashire, UK. Since 2017, the artist has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany. Her work has been exhibited in several small-scale group shows, and she has curated exhibitions for many artists and photographers including Martyn Goodacre. In 2024, a series of the artists' paintings will be featured in the upcoming film Ravens, directed by Mark Gill. Her works are mostly in private collections in Europe.

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Whos Fuckin Planet!, Das Giftraum, Berlin, DE (Curator)
Silent Art Auction, Das Giftraum, Berlin, DE (Curator/Exhibitor)
C.U.N.T presents: Edition 003, Das Giftraum, Berlin, DE (Curator/Exhibitor)

Stephanie Hamer,  Barry, Berlin DE (Exhibitor)

Burnt Sienna Berlin, Das Giftraum, Berlin, DE (Exhibitor) 

C.U.N.T presents: Edition 002, Das Giftraum, Berlin, DE (Curator/Exhibitor) 

Deep Seated, GlogauAIR, Berlin, DE (Exhibitor)

C.U.N.T presents: Edition 001, Das Giftraum, Berlin, DE (Curator/Exhibitor) 



Burnt Sienna Art Studio, Berlin, Germany


Buinho Creative Hub, Messejana, Portugal 
Herhúsið, Siglufjörður, Iceland

Gullkistan, Laugarvatn, Iceland

Burnt Sienna Art Studio, Berlin, Germany

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